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Some have just found out that LCAF has withdrawn from the battles..... who will take their place? What will become of this huge successor state? What of its planets, factories, and people??????


A raid on the LCAF factory planet of Inarcs left them devastated. Another 100 Champions were stolen off planet. The battles were laughable. Besides the 3 Avatar As and 1 Annihilator Prime, all they had to defend themselves were 26 Champions. Under the guns of the CCW MadCats, they were no match for our power. Unfortunately, one CCW warrior was sent on his way after the battle. Insubordination cost the clan 50 million C-Bills... far too much. He and the saKhan lost due to his antics. Surely, this will not happen again, or at least we can hope......


The threat from TGG on Melissia has been thwarted. The pirates never stood a chance against our superior piloting skills. Constantly, they took out one Mech at a time, while we decimated them totally. We look forward to fighting them again, though, because they are one of the most honorable of Pirates.... even if they are scum. They have proven themselves to be respected, and they should, by all lesser pilots. By ALL pilots.... for now, I salute you, TGG.


NEWS BREAK!!!!! We have just received a communications from an outpost near two of our planets....... transmission follows....

"This is Commander Fa***** *f the outpost Lusa***a... we are under  ***ack by the G** ***sts..... ca**ot hold... JumpShips headed to Ma**ne and H*** IV.... it seems they a** **ing to raid the fa****ies there for our inc****..... we will con****nue to ho**.......... " TRANSMISSION ENDS

This is believed to be a distress call from the outpost Lusankya, in CCW space. The perpetrators are The Gray Ghosts, the ones who attacked and stole profits from another of our planets. JumpShips are reported to be headed to Mahone and Hood IV. We are currently awaiting orders from the Khan.



In other news, the Gray Ghosts have raided a defenseless planet, like the stravag cowards they are. They have stolen part of our income.... and for that, we will destroy them. Death to all who oppose the Crusaders!



Well, once again, the feeble Inner Sphere forces were no match for the strength of our clan. As soon as forces were dropped onto the planet of Recife, due to overwhelming forces, the Inner Sphere warriors called a surrender. This is just another of the failed IS defenses.



The battle at Inarcs was won before it started. 12 valiant pilots showed up on the batchall battlefield, but with no sign of LCAF. Rumors floating around tell us that the DropShip that carried the mechs from the second continent of Inarcs was lost in space. Rumors also say that this might be another mysterious action of the KINs rage.


Current Attacks:

Type Planet/Description Time
Planet Assault LA Sargasso
Planet Assault LA Windsor
Planet Assault LA Khartoum
Planet Assault LA Tainjin
Mech Raid LA Moriguchi
Mech Raid LA Zwipadze
Mech Raid LA Ellengurg
Mech Raid LA Sappir
Mech Raid LA Chhaprauli
Mech Raid LA Qanatir
Recon LA Qarahta
Recon LA Loxley


Current Defenses:

Type Planet/Description Time
Planet Assault Australia
Planet Assault Baryshevo
Planet Assault Krung Thep
Planet Assault Strandfontein
Mech Raid Recife
Prop Raid Melissia