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Rules of Engagement


There is to be no firing on a downed mech. You will allow the enemy to stand and start to move before firing on him again.

There will be no intentional legging or firing at the cockpit. We realize that sometimes this happen but we as Honorable Clansmen, should keep it to a minimum.

The MFB is not a safe zone you will not use it to hide from combat. If you are in the MFB you are a legitimate target it is up to you to time the use of it properly or have your team mates cover you while in it.

When at all possible a Clan warrior will attempt to engage the enemy in a one on one basis. We realize that many others do not do this and if that is the case it is not necessary for you to, either.

These rules are to be followed as much as possible. However it should be noted that if your enemy does not comply with these rules you are not required to, either. We will maintain supremacy on the battlefield.