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Rite of Sponsorship

Any mechwarrior not on probation may sponsor a mechwarrior into the clan, but must have approval of any member of the High Command (Khan, saKhan, Loremaster, or Oathmaster.)  The mechwarrior sponsoring will be responsible for all actions by the sponsored mechwarrior until the 4 week probationary period is over.  At the end of the four week period, the mechwarrior and their sponsor will appear before the Khan, or two members of the High Command, where it will be judged as to whether or not they are ready to join the clan as a full mechwarrior.

Probationary mechwarriors are denoted with +'s, such as +Mechwarrior+



Trial of Position

The person in question will petition the Galaxy Commander of the Galaxy he wishes to ToP into. It is stated this way because even if you are in Galaxy A but there is a Command slot for a higher rank in Galaxy B you may petition the GalCom of Galaxy B to Trial for that slot.  Readiness is determined by consensus of two of the three executive officers of the galaxy, or directly by the Khan.  If the two officers judge a candidate as unready, the Khan my override this, but may be vetoed if all three executive officers are in agreement as to unreadiness.

If there are no current slots open and you are eligible to ToP we can consider creating a new star or stars to provide that position. This will be done on an as need basis and by determining our current manpower.

You may only ToP for the Rank directly above your own there will be no skipping ranks unless by Approval of the Khan and on an as needed basis.

The two highest ranking officers in the Galaxy in question will perform the ToP. Star Colonel and above ranks will be tested by the Khan or SaKhan or there representatives.

Settings will be Stock mech, respawn on ,MFBs on with no use except in case of accidental damage as determined by the Officers in charge of the ToP.

Officers in charge will pick a Clan member from anywhere in the clan that is the current rank of what the person in question wishes to ToP for. They will compete in a one on one competition with the winner being the one with the best 3 out of 5 kills.

If the Clan member in question succeeds in defeating his opponent then he will be awarded his new rank.