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Medals of Clan Crusader Wolf

All medals are to be awarded in consensus of at least three members of Clan Crusader Wolf, Galaxy Commander rank and higher.  The Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, and Silver Star require five members Galaxy Commander Rank and higher.  It is the duty of the Commanding Officer of each unit to recommend the members of their command for whichever medal they deserve.  Commendations are to be submitted directly to the members of the High Command.

Medal of Honor

Heroism and Valor above and beyond the call of duty during armed conflict with an enemy that puts ones own life and limb at risk. This is the highest award for valor in action against an enemy force that can be bestowed on an individual serving in the Clan.

Distinguished Service Cross

Extraordinary heroism in action against an enemy of the Clan while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force or while serving with friendly foreign forces.


Demonsbain Ward For action in the BTU League Pre-Startup Tournament above and beyond the call of duty.

Silver Star

Gallantry in action against an armed enemy of the Clan or while serving with friendly foreign forces.


BladeSinger Ch'in For gallant actions in the BTU League Pre-Startup Tournament.
TWolf Ward For gallant actions during the Absorption of Clan White Wolf.

Distinguished Service Medal

Exceptionally meritorious service to the Clan in a duty of great responsibility.

Legion of Merit Medal

Exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services to the Clan.

Meritorious Service Medal

Outstanding Non Combat Meritorious achievement or service to the Clan.


BladeSinger Ch'in For his unceasing efforts to strengthen the Clan Crusader Wolf.

Clan Commendation Medal

Heroic or meritorious achievement medal.


Dimm Sum Sradac For helping the High Command to run as smoothly as Alpha Galaxy does under his command.

Clan Achievement Medal

Meritorious achievement in a combat or non-combat situation based on sustained achievement of a superlative nature.


Edge For providing the Crusader Wolves with a home on the web, and for the extensive hours of his personal time he has donated to us all.
KKatMagic1 For his never ceasing efforts to make us all the best we can be, and to train us and prepare us for the future.

Brevet Metal for Good Conduct

Outstanding performance and conduct after 4 months of continuous active service.

Armed Services Expeditionary Medal

Meritorious service or achievement while serving with a joint activity.

Expert Marksman Ribbon

Awarded to an individual with expert marksmanship with lasers.


Phyerftr Kerensky

Marksman Ribbon

Awarded to an individual for a high degree of marksmanship with lasers.

Ace Ribbon

This is awarded when a person achieves 10 kills in league combat. Secondary award of a silver star attached to it when the recipient reaches 50 kills and a third award of a Gold star when he reaches 100 kills. The gold Star replaces the silver. So in example when a person has 150 kills he will have the Ace award and one gold star and one silver star.


Phyerftr Kerensky Demonsbain Ward
Gypsy Baron Vickers Storm
  Outfox Metha

Ace Award with Silver Star

Awarded to a MechWarrior who has achieved 50 kills in league combat.


BladeSinger Ch'in
Demonsbain Ward

Combat Award

Awarded to an individual who has 10 drops into enemy forces. Subsequent awards received as per the ace award.


Storm Phyerftr Kerensky
Gypsy Baron Vickers IWar Ch'in
Edge Spellmaster
Dimm Sum Sradac KKatMagic1
OzO900 Outfox

Combat Award with Silver Star

Awarded to an individual who has 50 drops into enemy forces.


Demonsbain Ward

Combat Award with Gold Star

Awarded to individual who has completed 100 drops into enemy forces.


BladeSinger Ch'in